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English 1


Title:  English 1                     Course#:    ENG100                    Number of Credits:  10


English 1 is a rigorous college preparatory course that focuses on the careful and exact evaluation of literature through reading, writing, language, oral communication and research skills.  Strategically aligned with the Common Core State Standards, each student will analyse classical and contemporary literary works with an emphasis on theme (CCSS RL.2) and characterization (CCSS RL.3) through various literary devices. Students will write clear and coherent analytical responses in which the development, organization and style are appropriate to the task, purpose and audience (CCSS W.4). Students will also participate in Socratic discussions, creative works, individual and group projects, reports, and presentations. These objectives are designed for students to think critically about themselves and their community, and to prepare students for the rigor of English 2.