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US History

Test: Vietnam Vocabulary

Study on quizlet and come see me during office hours to take this test.

Assigned: 04/16/19 Category: Test Points: 32 Due: 04/22/19

Vietnam: Gulf of Tonkin

Take your notes from the assignment we did in class and write up the essay in paragraph form.







How do the two sources illustrate similar findings on the Gulf of Tonkin incident?  After reading the two historical excerpts, cite the findings on what really happened in the Gulf of Tonkin, and discuss what this shows about the president's claim for a justification for war.


Outline for short essay:


Intro: Background who, what, when, where, why?



Explain:  Explain who, what, when, where, why?


Quotes: Zinn:  According to ______________ from _______________, it reports " (insert quote here)".


Addington: According to ________from ________ it also reports, " (quote 2)".


Tie:  This shows that... (3-5 sentences).



Restate thesis, recap main points, original closing thoughts





Assigned: 04/16/19 Category: Classwork Points: 10 Due: 04/22/19

Video: How America Got into Vietnam

If you were absent, watch the film and take notes, 10 questions and 20 facts.



Assigned: 04/18/19 Category: Classwork Points: 5 Due: 04/22/19
World Civ

Homework 2: China's Peoples' Republic of Capitalism

Watch the film and make a t chart with 15 questions and 30 facts.



Assigned: 04/17/19 Category: Homework Points: 10 Due: 04/23/19

Homework 4: Write Upton Sinclair Meatpackers Essay

Use the notes that we started in class to write a short essay.  Make sure it has a introduction, body, and conclusion, and each body paragraph is done using the EQT method. It must be typed with 12 point, Times New Roman font, and double spaced.




Assigned: 04/18/19 Category: Homework Points: 10 Due: 04/30/19
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