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Bicycle Repair


Title:  ROP Bicycle Technology                          Course #:  5065                         Number of Credits:  10


The only program of its kind in the country, Project Bike Tech's ROP Bike Technology course uses bicycle education as a conduit to teach core academics, enhance lives, create career opportunities and inspire new generations to be passionate about bikes.

Bike Tech in School is a credited high school elective that introduces students to bicycle industry careers, providing them with the skills needed to become entry-level bicycle mechanics and offering in-depth career counseling. In addition, the program uses bicycle mechanics as a tool to teach common CORE and STEM curriculum.

Students earn two certificates, one in career tech endorsed by ROP of Santa Cruz, and the other as an entry-level bike mechanic/assembler endorsed by members of the bicycle industry. As the student enters the bike industry, employers know the training is standardized and supported by the cycling industry.

This one year/2 semester course is designed to provide students with the entry level skills required in the bicycle repair industry.  Areas to be covered include:  Basic mechanical skills, tires and tubes, drive train, bearing systems, wheel truing, brake systems, gear adjustment, stem, handlebar, saddle/seat post fitting, and on-the-road-repairs.