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English 3


Title:  English 3                                            Number of Credits:  10

English 3 is a college preparatory course that studies American literature with special emphasis on the analysis of seventeenth-, eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and 20th-century foundational U.S. documents of historical and literary significance (RL.9).    Students will delineate and evaluate the reasoning in seminal U.S. texts, including the application of constitutional principles and the use of legal reasoning (e.g., in U.S. Supreme Court majority opinions and dissents) and the premise, purposes, and arguments in works of public advocacy (e.g., The Federalist, presidential addresses). Students will be able to analyze the features and rhetorical devices of different arguments, speeches, debates, and platforms and the way in which authors use those features or devices. Students will analyze recognized works of American literature representing a variety of genres and traditions (RL.6). They will trace the development of American literature; contrast the major periods, themes, styles, and trends and describe how works by members of different cultures relate to one another in each period; evaluate the philosophical, political, religious, ethical, and social influences of the historical period that shaped the characters, plots, and settings.  Students will write responses to literature in order to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of significant ideas, analyze use of imagery and language, and identify and assess the impact of perceived ambiguities within the text. Assignments expand vocabulary, reading, writing, research, organization, and rhetorical skills, while critically analyzing historically and culturally significant readings.  Students write narrative, explanatory, and argumentative essays as well as research reports that demonstrate proficiency in drafting, editing, revising, and proper research documentation (W.11-12.1). These objectives will prepare students for successful advancement to English 4.