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English 4


Title:  English                                      Number of Credits:  10

English 4 is a rigorous college preparatory course surveying literature that emphasizes preparing graduates for college and career.  Students are expected to read critically, think analytically, and communicate clearly in both writing and speech. Students will gain an appreciation for literature while recognizing the value of literary analysis in observing cultural trends and influences. Students will analyze literary terms, themes, symbols, and historical context through a range of texts in a variety of forms and genres. The writing process will be emphasized by the use of essays, research, and documentation as well as through creative writing (CCSS W.11-12.1). The following items will be refined and reinforced in their writing: research and technology, spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Lessons and tasks focus on the development of skillful discrimination and the use of sources rather than simply acquiring knowledge.  Descriptive, evaluative, persuasive, and informative essays will be developed by the students, and creative and analytical thinking will be stressed (CCSS W.11-12.2). Students will read at least four full-length books in addition to many selections of prose, poetry, and drama in the literature anthology. Through the units, students will develop strong analytical reading skills, critical thinking and writing skills, and academic discussion skills which enable them to participate effectively in intellectual exchanges. Preparation for college and career is emphasized throughout.