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English 2


Title:  English 2                                          Number of Credits:  10

English 2 is a rigorous college preparatory course that focuses on the careful and exact evaluation of literature through reading, writing, language, oral communication, and research skills.   Strategically aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), English 2 continues the maturation of writing and reading skills in English 1. Each student will analyze classical and contemporary world literary works with a focus on points of view or cultural experience from outside the United States (CCSS RL.6). English 2 extends the study of literary devices to a specific emphasis on rhetorical strategies and devices.  Students will continue to develop their critical reading skills to delineate and evaluate an author’s purpose through analytical writing. These skills will be used in the construction of argumentative writing that states a central claim and develops the claim throughout with appropriate evidence, details, and commentary. Students will refine their skills through Socratic discussions and debates, creative works, individual and group projects, reports, and presentations. These objectives will prepare students for successful advancement to English 3.