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Northbound Directions to Campus

Following Cabrillo Hwy CA-1 Northbound, take the Green Valley Road/Harkins Slough Road Exit 426 and turn left onto Harkins Slough Road heading westbound. Cross the bridge and turn right to enter the campus. (click link above for larger map)SB Google Map

Southbound Directions to Campus

Southbound Directions

Heading Southbound on Cabrillo Hwy CA-1 take the Watsonville/Gilroy Exit 152 and turn right at the first stop-light. (The exit turns into Main Street and the cross-street at the first light is Green Valley Road. Turn right onto Green Valley Road and head westbound. Continue across the bridge onto Harkins Slough Road and turn right onto campus. (Click link above for larger map)SB Google Maps

Site Map & Directions

Campus Map
Campus Map
School Site Evacuation Map
Evac Map-1

Additional Organizations on Campus

There are additional Organizations onsite that are a very active part of the PVHS community:


-MBAY WATCH Programs 


-MBAY Conservation


-Salud Para Le Gente       


-Mariposa's Art              


-CSUMB's Upward Bound




-Watsonville Wetlands Watch WERC Center

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